How to Grow Mushrooms Bundle

Bundle & save $90! Get both of our exclusive How to Grow Mushrooms courses for $219.95! You’ll get DB 101 and DB 102 plus access into our private forum of growers. Learn how to grow Shrooms at home, with bigger and better yields, saving you time & money! With one-on-one support, take control of your supply and deepen your relationship with mushrooms.
How to Grow Mushrooms Bundle

DB 101 Course

  • Seven video lessons on the basics, from inoculation to harvest
  • Written Companions
  • Legality Guide
  • Live Access To Experts
  • Private Forum of 700+ Growers!

DB 102 Course

  • Five video lessons, from agar plates to liquid culture
  • Step-by-step written instructions and FAQ guides
  • Support from Mycology experts
  • Supplies list for our favorite products
  • Support for preparation & the cultivation process


No Experience Required

DB 101 was created for novice mushroom cultivators with little to no experience. You’ll learn how to set up a DIY cultivation site right at home, and how to sprout mushrooms from a spore syringe in nine weeks, from inoculation to harvest.

hand holding mushroom
hand holding spore print

Take Control of Your Supply

In DB 102, you’ll learn how to create your own library of mushroom genetics with liquid culture, agar plates, and spore prints so you never have to rely on a spore syringe supplier again. We’ll cover different types of grain spawn, the pros and cons of varying bulk substrates, how to build several kinds of fruiting chambers, and much more to leave you with bigger and better yields.

Exclusive Access

Unlike with online forums like Reddit, with our course, you get access to leading mycology teachers who will support you every step of the way, by looking at photos of your grow, answering your questions, helping you troubleshoot, and just cheering you on. Our team includes three teachers and five TAs who are available Monday through Friday in our private community forum.

pink mushroom
shiitake mushroom

Deepen Your Relationship With Mushrooms

There’s nothing more beautiful than connecting with what you put in your own body. Our courses will give you a deeper understanding of how mycelium grow and why people choose varying teks. You won’t just be following steps, you’ll be making your own choices about how to optimize your set up.

Support Psychedelic Journalism

The proceeds from this course fund DoubleBlind’s journalism, to help us pay the writers, photographers, and artists who put our magazine together.

hand holding mushrooms