Carli Domenico

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Show Notes

In this episode of Curious to Serious, we interview Carli Domenico, a PhD candidate at Baylor College of Medicine (Houston).

She's involved with the Research and Development Spore at the Intercollegiate Psychedelic Society and also works with Tabula Rasa Ventures.

Carli is a doctoral student with a background in neuroscience and philosophy. Her research investigates the effects of LSD on memory and visual areas using direct, in vivo electrophysiology recordings in rats. These methods allow insights into the way neural representations of the world become altered and also how these brain regions may interact differently when a hallucinogen is present and also in combination with a 5ht2a receptor antagonist, which is a receptor that modulates the experience of hallucinations. Carli is fascinated by the parallels and divergence between sleep and psychedelic states, and she enjoys musing on the resulting implications for conscious perception. She believes deeply in the healing power of mindfulness meditation and psychedelic therapies, aiming to be an ambassador of accessible information to bridge scientific dialogue and the public in the pursuit of a more peaceful, present civilization.

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