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Building a career in the psychedelic space is hard and confusing. Community makes it easier.

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Resources for up-and-coming psychedelic professionals


How It Works

No more messy listservs and slack channels. We carefully organized the topics and spaces to be the most effective for sorting out the different aspects & content in the psychedelic renaissance.
Easily reach out to anyone in the community and message them directly. There's bound to be someone with similar interests at a similar point in the path as you. Do it together!
Specifically For You
This isn't another trip report or meme site. It's for those serious about becoming a psychedelic professional.

Curious to Serious

We interview students & professionals in the psychedelic space to learn about their path and how they are navigating from psychedelic curiosity to a psychedelic career.

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One of a kind
"Love this podcast. Anyone trying to break out into the field of psychedelics this is a must listen. Sending kindness and love y’all."

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Alex Kahn - Psychedelic Music Therapy | Drexel University
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A weekly curation of gems found in our community & across the psychedelic space. Expect podcast drops, our favorite psychedelic articles, and microdose levels of humor.

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Research Analysis
Simple and quick breakdowns on recent research. (TL;DR-style)
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