Mati Castro

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Show Notes

In this episode, we talk with Mati Castro. She is a neuroscience graduate student at Johns Hopkins University.

She works in the basic science field to understand how psychedelics affect brain circuits, specifically the amygdala during rewarded operant behaviors.

In our conversation, we cover her academic career of earning Bachelor’s degrees in biochemistry and psychology from the University of Texas at Austin and how that experience helped prepare her for her neuroscience research at Johns Hopkins.

We also talk about how her grandfather was one of her greatest mentors and the array of professors who supported her in her process of getting into graduate school and her current research.

We wrap up the conversation with Mati providing advice to those interested in pursuing neuroscience degrees and a look at the future of psychedelic neuroscience.

1:41 Research at John Hopkins studying associative learning in rats

8:34 Introducing psychedelics in associative learning studies using DOI

16:08 Neurobiological view of addiction: how studying natural rewards fits into understanding addiction in humans

25:05 Interest in neuroscience stems from DARE program experiences and Mati’s grandfathers’ career as an organic chemist

29:35 Undergraduate career studying biochemistry and psychology and how it helps Mati as a neuroscience graduate student

32:25 The importance of being open and honest about psychedelic interests when applying and interviewing for graduate programs

38:00 Mentors that supported Mati throughout her academic career

42:20 Advice for individuals interested in studying psychedelic neuroscience

45:20 Hopes for the future of psychedelic neuroscience

47:44 Last remarks – keep reading the literature

49:00 How to contact and connect with Mati

You can connect with Mati Castro on social media:

Or through email:

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